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Instructional Design Links and Blogs

I came across Connie Malamed’s The E-Learning Coach earlier this year when I was researching Instructional Design graduate studies. Her site is a wealth of knowledge for the beginner as well as the established Instructional designer. Her content ranges from basic career questions about ID to more complex areas such as learning motivation, cognitive load, and visual design aspects of E Learning. She even has a free 12 lesson eCourse to learn more about ID and the career opportunities available. You can find that course at With the variety of information available on her site and her own extensive experience, this will definitely be a go-to place for me as I move deeper into my new field.

This blog seems helpful for the more advanced and established online instructor. Debbie Morrison talks in general about online learning, as well as having specific entries about issues in the Instructional Design field. One post that I particularly liked was regarding successful group online collaboration. She lists 5 tools and strategies that help make this a reality. I have not experienced an online group collaborative activity yet, and I’ve been interested in learning how this can be done successfully.!/read/blog/id/37781967/

The ISD Now Community Blog is a part of the University of Maryland Baltimore County’s Instructional System’s Development graduate studies program. They analyze current trends and shifts within the ID world such as the ADDIE method vs. Agile. Agile is a newer method that seeks to satisfy modern clients’ needs to see training products much faster than before as compared to using the traditional ADDIE method. The content is focused very much on the cutting edge aspects of ID and the issues that accompany this changing field.


3 comments on “Instructional Design Links and Blogs

  1. robock193
    November 3, 2012

    IDLoger is one of my first stops in my journey in Instructional Design. By reviewing all three links, I found Connie Malamed’s The E-Learning Coach blog site the most appealing. I look forward to many insightful submissions in the future.

    • genahloger
      November 16, 2012

      Hi Robock193! I hope we can keep in touch as we both go deeper into ID! I agree that Connie Malamed’s site is extremely helpful. Have you tried her beginner’s information module yet?

      • robock193
        December 29, 2012

        Thank you so much for the information. Please keep in touch.

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