First steps in Instructional Design!

Using Web 2.0 to Create a Virtual Field Trip

            In distance learning, the challenge for the instructional designer is in achieving authenticity, without distracting students with too many technological bells and whistles (Simonson, Smaldino, Albright, & Zvacek, 2012). … Continue reading

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For over 160 years, distance learning has filled the educational needs of non-traditional students. What defines a non-traditional student has changed throughout the years from educating women when this was … Continue reading

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Although I was an English language teacher for 6 years, Learning Theories and Instruction was my first in-depth look into the subject of how people really learn. Before this class, … Continue reading

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Looking back…

My views on learning styles, learning theories, and certainly learning in general have changed a lot since first starting this class. In the beginning, I subscribed to the common idea … Continue reading

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My Learning Connections Map

      The ways in which I learn, as illustrated by “My Learning Connections” mind map, have changed dramatically since I was in High School and University. I remember … Continue reading

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Two articles

There has long been a gap between what brain researchers are uncovering about the inner-workings of our brains, and how teachers can apply this new knowledge in the classroom. The … Continue reading

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Instructional Design Links and Blogs I came across Connie Malamed’s The E-Learning Coach earlier this year when I was researching Instructional Design graduate studies. Her site is a wealth of knowledge for the beginner … Continue reading

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